A beautiful place, great businesses and a hub for innovation 
  1. Lifestyle
    You could travel to and from work, spending most of your life stuck on the M25 - or instead you could walk or cycle along one of the many attractive coastal routes to work. After a hard day in the office, whilst many people across the country are still stuck on motorways, within minutes you could be sailing, cycling or playing on the beach.
  2. Environment
    The Isle of Wight has more sunny days than nearly every other location in the UK. Most of the Isle of Wight is also designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Its climate is also very mild, even in winter, with very little snowfall which, when it happens, is a big event for Islanders.
  3. Location
    Running your business from the Isle of Wight makes a reality of "work life balance". The Island has all of the connectivity to the South East of the UK but with far more family friendly lifestyle benefits. If you would like to find out more, make contact with us today.
  4. Communication
    The Isle of Wight's proximity to London makes it less than two hours away by train, including the cross-Solent passenger service. The Island is only 10 minutes away from Portsmouth by Hovercraft. You could say 'no Island comes this close'.
  5. Housing
    The Isle of Wight has a stunning range of housing stock. We are convinced that you will find the home of your dreams at a price that you would normally only dream about. Your family home will also enjoy some of the best Broadband access in the country.
  6. Education
    The standard of state education is improving, with secondary school heads being very ambitious about significantly increasing the Island's standing across the country. Private provision is available at Ryde School as well as easy access to five very good universities in Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Chichester and Bournemouth.
Live here
The Isle of Wight is a fantastic place to live. With miles and miles of beautiful beaches and countryside, great outdoor activites and a wide range of housing stock that will suit most family tastes. The Island is a very attractive place to come and set up home. The term 'work life balance' is very much a reality for businesses located here.